Welcome to the 2014 US Surfski Championships!

For 2014 we are moving back to a one of the most beautiful venues in the World. UPDATE-8/1/14. We are moving the start up the coast to Muir Beach. New Race Start Location Suggested by Dawid Mocke a couple of years ago, we will move to the new location, due to a conflict with a running race at Rodeo Beach. The course will head South to the Fenn Hot Spot just off of Rodeo Beach then to Point Bonita, Point Diablo, under the Golden Gate Bridge, on to Point Blunt on Angel Island and then finish South of the Berkeley Pier at Shorebird Park.

The new course will have a slightly different finish spot. We’ll be moving just a bit south of the normal OSCS Sailing Center site, but still at the Berkeley Marina, but over at Shorebird Park. You can walk out onto the Berkeley Pier and watch the last 2/3 miles of the race.

photo by Eric Poulsen

Previous Winners

2003- Greg Barton USA                                Deanne Hemmens USA

2004- Greg Barton USA                                Mary Jo Gumbert USA

2005- Dawid Mocke, South Africa                 Deanne Hemmens USA

2006- Dawid Mocke, South Africa                 Tracy Landboe USA

2007- Lewis Laughlin, Tahiti                          Deanne Hemmens

2008- Hank McGregor, South Africa              Nikki Mocke, South Africa

2009- Jeremy Cotter, Australia                       Naomi Flood, Australia

2010- Dawid Mocke, South Africa                  Deanne Hemmens, USA

2011- Dawid Mocke, South Africa                   Michelle Eray, South Africa

2012- Dawid Mocke, South Africa                   Kristen Podolak, USA

2013- Sean Rice, South Africa                         Kristen Podolak, USA

Greg Barton- 2003 and 2004 Winner

Greg Barton- Olympic Gold Medalist and 2003 & 2004 US Surfski Champion